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You Can Never Catch Me
How often would you say we run from our true feelings?  Or how often would you say that we turn everything down and or downplay things because we have made expectations based on previous experiences on what we are turning down and or downplaying?
I do this far too much anymore.  Sure we all have made expectations, and have made them for nearly everything we have in our lives.  I turn the water to the "red" side or the "H" side and I expect the water to be it necessarily guranteed that it is going to be hot?  NOT AT ALL.  So then what happens when it is not hot?  We get mad or think it is "fucked up" that it is not giving us what we expect.  Okay sure, it should be giving us hot water because well...that is what it is there for...but let us not act so spoiled and at least appreciate, that we have water.
The majority of Americans, or those that live in America take advantage of nearly everything we have.  Yes there are quite the number of individuals who do not, but there are also those that say they do not because they turn off the water when they are brushing their teeth.  Sorry, but there are more things we take advantage of than just water or electricity.
We take advantage of our lives.  We live our lives VERY recklessly and really if you think about it...we put ourselves in situations that could easily result is fatality or severe pain.  We get in a 1.5 ton or more automobile and drive (9 times out of 10) fast, we smoke (lungs), we drink (liver), we eat horrible food (heart), we beat our bodies in sports.  However, there are those of us that still find the best possible way to take care of our bodies, LEGALLY mind you, and that is great.  It is good to know. 
I do not have a HUGE point to this entire column, but more so let yourself really think about the things you do in a day.  No I am not asking you to act like an obsessive compulsive freak, no I am not saying drive 10 mph no matter when you get in a car, I am just saying...let us just be happy we are alive and we have ANYTHING for that matter.  Remember the saying at funerals; he died far too young or he was not ready to go...think of them. 

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